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Youth Hostel Aachen
Aachen Book now
from € 23,90

International encounters- our youth hostel Aachen Details »

Youth Hostel Aalen
Aalen Book now
from € 21,00

Soak up some culture and have some fun! Everything's possible in the Schubart-Aalen Youth Hostel, situated on the outskirts of the town's "Rohrwang" forest Details »

Youth Hostel Albersdorf
Albersdorf Book now
from € 22,50

Away from the hustle and bustle, Albersdorf Youth Hostel lies between fields and forests, close to the North Sea-Baltic Canal. A great place for those who want to get out of town. Details »

Youth Hostel Alfsee
Alfsee Book now
from € 30,00

Our Youth Hostel is in a prime location in the UNESCO TERRA.vita Geopark, in the heart of the Alfsee recreation area and surrounded by plenty of exciting tourist attractions. Details »

Youth Hostel Altena, Burg
Altena, Burg Book now
from € 25,60

Welcome to Burg Altena! You've chosen a truly historic place to stay - because this is where the idea of the youth hostel associationswas born ... Details »

Youth Hostel Altenahr
Altenahr Book now
from € 23,50

Highly modern youth hostel in a unique location on the river Ahr, which flows through the Langfigtal nature reserve. Details »

Youth Hostel Altenberg
Altenberg Book now
from € 19,00

The little town of Altenberg is situated 760 m above sea level in the Eastern Ore Mountains. With its famous "Pinge" landmark - a collapsed mine shaft - this place has a rich mining tradition. Details »

Youth Hostel Altenberg-Zinnwald

Altenberg-Zinnwald "Jägerhütte" ("Hunting Lodge") Graslöwen Youth Hostel offers the very best for winter sports enthusiasts as well as fans of nature and history. Details »