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History lives ... History lives ...

in the centre of UNECSO world heritage site Quedlinburg

History lives ... History lives ...

at the Hundertwasser house in Magdeburg

History lives ... History lives ...

at the famous marketplace of Wittenberg

History lives ... History lives ...

at the artistic Bauhaus in Dessau

History lives ... History lives ...

at the light railway in winterly Harz mountains


Prepare to be amazed

  • Location of key events in German and world history.
  • Great diversity of natural landscapes.
  • Home of innumerable cultural monuments. Site of historical parks and gardens.
  • “Cradle of the Reformation” and UNESCO-World Heritage Sites.
  • Birthplace of musical masters.
  • Home to sensational archaeological finds.

Gardens Dreams. The Romanesque Road. Sky Paths. Lakeside & Riverside

Saxony-Anhalt offers you even more than a breathtaking view from the highest peak north of the Alps (the Brocken). Explore for yourself world cultural heritage sites, be captivated by medieval architecture, and witness for yourself key places that have shaped modern history and civilization. Few other regions can offer the boundless diversity of nature, culture, and history which are here on display in Saxony-Anhalt.

The Harz Mountains - Region for excitement


A trip into the Harz can bring you into contact with: UNESCO-World Heritage Sites, National Parks, Goethe's legendary Faust, the Brocken (highest point on German soil north of the Alps) and the Bode Canyon, the Karst Caves and the Upper Harz Water Regale. Whether you're looking for culture, nature, fitness, or winter sports, you'll find something here in the Harz.




Youth Hostel Falkenstein - nice for hiking

Youth Hostel Gorenzen - where Martin Luther lived

Youth Hostel Kelbra – nearby the Kyffhäuser-Monument

Youth Hostel Quedlinburg - UNESCO-world heritage

Youth Hostel Schierke - in the Nationalpark Harz

Youth Hostel Thale - mystic in the Bode canyon

Youth Hostel Wernigerode - famous for it´s half timbered-houses


Anhalt-Wittenberg - World Stage of Great Ideas

Impressive castles, Romanesque churches, Medieval and Baroque architecture, as well as world famous works of art all await you. Experience world history at the original sites of the Reformation. Bauhaus and Masters' Houses, the door of Luthers' 95 Theses and the architecture of “Hundertwasser” - explore the panorama.

The heavily forested Flaming region, the most northerly German hills, especially attracts cyclists to the north of the region. In the south you will find the Dubener Heath nature preserve, an expansive area of forests and idyllic lakes. Here the saying is: "Health through forest and spas".


Great ideas: Bauhaus in Dessau

Saale-Unstrut - Castles and Wine

Here you'll find the most northern wine-growing region of Europe. This is a region which is known for enjoyment, relaxation, significant cultural monuments, and ongoing cultural events. Along the 60 km. of the Saale-Unstrut wine road, you can travel by bicycle, boat, foot, or car on a journey that will take you near to history, nature, and culinary discoveries.

Gentle meadows, slopes overgrown with orchids, craggy limestone crops, and lush green vineyards with picturesque wine huts are all characteristic of this region.

Over the past decades the region has also become known for its sensational archaeological finds – most notably the “Nebra Sky Disk” – and the oldest solar observatory in the world, in Goseck.

The Elbe-Borde-Heath - In the Heart of Sachsen Anhalt – and Germany

Here there are many extraordinary sights which are often not widely known. The Elbe River threads through the region like a blue band along the “Romanesque Road.” Here is a unique river and meadow landscape unlike any other in Europe – it forms the “Middle Elbe Biosphere Reserve.” With luck you can even chance upon an Elbe Beaver at work.

With its “Elban Cultural Landscape” of historic parks, the city of Magdeburg has created a cycling and hiking paradise that lets you experience the landscape firsthand.
Among the variety of tourist attractions are the saline spas in Schoenebeck and the motor sports stadium in Ochsersleben. Here in the Elbe-Borde region you will also find the largest linden forest in Europe, in the largest uninhabited region of Germany.

Whether you are looking for sport, refreshment, the arts, open air, or traditional festivals, the region around Magdeburg always offers rich experiences for every age group.


Be amazed by the Nebra sky disc