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Youth hostels: Best places for your needs
Youth hostels: Best places for your needs

German Youth Hostels with a Profile


As much space as possible for experiencing multimedia techniques, dance, music and theatre - this is what characterises Hostels that are certified Cultural|Hostel. Their motto "Erlebnisräume - Erlebnisträume" ("Room for experience - experience dreams") is the setting in which young people can develop ideas and gain on-hands experience, understand and create culture.


The program offers activities ranging from organising an expedition into the history of culture, searching for its traces and going on excursions to realising video projects or a theatre performance. The Youth Hostel provides its young guests with the premises for their performance or show, facilities for workshops or meetings and access to a good deal of up-to-date media and equipment. In these Hostels, young people will find a modern, hands-on environment with plenty of space for an intense cultural.


In Hostels that classify as Environmental|Hostel, socially responsible, ecologically sound and economically justifiable behaviour takes top priority. Special quality criteria, based on sustainable development, apply to these Hostels. The conservation of resources, healthy eating, the efficient use of energy, a program of leisure activities with an educational or ecological focus, an orientation towards the customer and the target group, regional integration, economic efficiency and a concept for quality development are among these criteria. Today, the Environmental Profile has become a quality mark for extracurricular environmental education, and more than 60,000 pupils per year participate in the program during school trips or summer camps.


Hostels that have been certified as Family|Hostel offer plenty of family space. This is where a family holiday becomes a real event! While your children will easily find playmates and can run freely on the Hostel's play- and sports grounds, parents can take some time off. Attractive program offers, games, family-friendly rooms, separate lounges and children's meals characterise these Hostels and create their familiar atmosphere. And this includes our youngest guests: from baby monitors to changing mats, nappy pails, child toilet seats or baby-proof sockets - Hostels with a Family Profile are equipped for children!


Home again

Many languages are spoken in our hostels with an international program and Hostel|Internationalinternational guests. Visitors from all over the world are welcome here and may expect a very special service:
  • Great programs on offer
  • Insider tips and many opportunities to get to know the city, the country and its people
  • Meet other guests and exchange experiences at the Tourist Point or in the catering area.
We want our guests to meet and to exchange their experiences. This way, we help to establish contacts, to reduce prejudices and increase tolerance.  Hostels certified as Hostel|International have decided to place a particularly emphasis on this objective. Every one of our Hostels offers a specially designated Tourist Point (TP) as designated meeting and contact area for our guests.

What to expect

You will be welcomed in an open and friendly reception area. The Tourist Point is a place for meeting others and spontaneous experiences together. There are plenty of  fun offers and activity programs. A bistro that offers snacks, cosy lounge areas with Internet access, friendly staff that speaks several languages and the open reception are creating a pleasant atmosphere and international liveliness.


The Hostels are located in exposed positions and are easily reached with public transport. Benefit from the global Youth Hostelling network's experience and competence. Special catering offers - "Something for everybody": both familiar and international.  On the long term, we aim to create a model for Youth Hostels as places for international youth encounters through this Profile.


Getting things moving

Take time out in a Sports|Hostel. These Hostels aren't just about growing your muscles, but about boosting your confidence and building team spirit. Many a team has risen above its own limits here. Youth Hostels have always been a place where Sports take centre stage, with more than 400 of Germany's 550 Hostels offering plenty of sporting opportunities to their guests. The "Sports|Hostel" title is granted to those that qualify in a special way and meet high quality standards. Sports groups can feel this quality in the sports facilities, the programme offers, the equipment, the catering, and - last but not least - in the Hostel's service and competent advice.

One to nil for service

Be it a training camp, preparing for a competition, a school trip with a focus on sports or an end-of-season trip: Youth Hostels offer flexible services to sports groups, teams and school classes, tailored to their individual catering and activity needs. Youth Hostels' programmes supplement those offered by sports clubs and schools, and our concepts have been developed together with the Deutsche Sportjugend (dsj), a section of the German Sports Federation (Deutscher Sportbund).


The Viabono Hostels need to fulfil strict requirements. High standards for customer value and environment compatibility are applied, characterising these Hostels and ensuring a high quality of "natural travel and enjoyment". The list of criteria includes the conservation of resources in terms of waste, energy, water and climate as well as the protection of nature and the countryside. Moreover, a comprehensive concept, loosely based on the FIT MOOD Profile, offers a health and wellness program for young people in terms of nutrition, activity and relaxation. Information and management and educational aspects round off the Viabono Profile. Personally experiencing a sustainable lifeworld and its real life conditions are an important prerequisite for the success of the educational program.